Brand new fleet!

First Class ServicesHigh value products require first class treatment: Alha provides a comprehensive range of enhanced handling services for luxury cars, fashion products and high-tech cargo.

Swift Response for Cargo Charter Handling

Swift Response for Cargo Charter HandlingWhether it is humanitarian aid, AOG or a urgent oversized delivery, we know that timeliness matters: you can count on Alha for cost effective and reliable cargo charter handling services.

Freighters' SpecialistsThanks to our staff's solid expertise and to our state-of the art ETV (550 main deck units), Alha Cargo Terminal in MXP handles an average of 40 freighters per week.

Vulnerable Goods ProfessionalsWhen it comes to vulnerable products, uncompromising standards of security and confidentiality are required: Alha delivers operational excellence and total protection for your VUN Shipments.

World Air Cargo Awards 2016Kerry Hotel Pudong
June 15th 2016

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ACW World Air Cargo Awards 2016

Alha Group ranked among the top 4 best GHAs worldwide at the World Air Cargo Awards 2016, held during the Air Cargo China tradeshow in Shanghai.


ANAMA Quality Awards

Seventh success for Alha Group at the ANAMA Quality Awards Ceremony in Milan.

Work Groups and Task Forces

  • Security is one of today’s greatest challenges for airlines, airports and governments: as an IATA Strategic Partner and Member of the IATA Security Work Group, Alha focuses on the development of innovative security solutions to make the concept of security for air freight seamless, easier and accurate.

    IATA Strategic Partnership - Security Work Group (SEC)
  • Since August 2012, Alha Airport is member of IATA Cargo XML Task Force. Cargo XML is the new standard adopted by IATA to exchange messages: it is planned to sunset the IATA Cargo-IMP manual by the end of 2014 and after that date changes to IATA standard EDI messages will only be completed in the IATA XML messages.
    IATA XML Task Force