Is it possible to pay the Terminal Handling Charges with Credit Card?
Yes, in MXP you can pay the Terminal Handling Charges with a Credit Card.
Please proceed as usual to the accounting desk on building F and use your Credit Card at your convenience.    
How can I calculate the amount of Terminal Handling Charges for my shipment?
Just log in the Client Area and follow the instructions. A guided tool will help you calculating the total amount of your Terminal Handling Charges.
Should I need to access an airport restricted area, how could I obtain a temporary pass?

Our Airport Cargo Terminals are under Customs Bonded area and access is strictly limited to authorized personnel only. Temporary security passes can be requested only against proved operational requirements and after approval from relevant Security Authorities.

Please note that the Security Authorities reserve the right to deny requests at all times.

We also inform you that, for any issued temporary pass, security charges will apply.

For more information please contact security.mxp@alhagroup.com.
Can I check the status of my shipment in real time?

Yes, just log in the Client Area and input the AWB number. You will be able to verify the status of breakdown operations and the A3 status.